The Colombian Experience

The Colombian Experience



The Colombian Experience
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Elite Colombian Escorts: Your agency in Bogota, Colombia. Trivia: Escorts in Bogota, Colombia, are also called acompañantes, prepagos o chicas. Trivia: The term prepago was made popular by a resent soap opera featuring the adventures of a call girl.  The term was created in the 90´s when drug lords use to call the escort services this way, literally pre-paid, because models require payment in advance for their services. The term acompañante refers to the fact that escorts offer companionship (acompañar). Disclaimer: Our agency focuses on contacting you with these call girls but any sex or sexual encounter is the sole responsibility of the escort. Our escorts are the best in Bogota, Colombia and you should be aware that other services do not provide quality companionship. Our Escorts, chicas, acompañantes or pregagos, or any other way you want to call them, are the best in the country. Call us now. 310-678-2903. Any questions, do not hesitate to ask us. 

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